About us – Neksigol Navovar

About us
Since its foundation in 2016, Neksigol Navovar has been an integral part of the Neksigol group of companies, engaged in agribusiness for more than twenty years. The company consists of two main divisions: (1) Software Development for Agriculture and (2) Agricultural Products Trade.

As a software developer, within a short period of performance, the company has launched its own digital tools for agribusiness as well as carried out software development projects for governments, international organizations and private companies in the agricultural sector.

As an agricultural products trader, Neksigol Navovar assists hundreds of smallholder farmers in Tajikistan to increase their sales and profitability through consolidated product supply to businesses inside and outside of the country. We buy locally grown agri-products from smallholder farmers and support organic and sustainable growing practices through our sister organization Neksigol Mushovir.
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Our Team

The company has been founded and is currently run by highly motivated and ambitious engineers that are building a unique experience through the implementation of technologically advanced IT and food trade projects

Most of the specialists have been trained in foreign countries (Spain, USA, Germany, Hungary). Our staff is multilingual (Russian, Tajik, Uzbek, English and Spanish) with in-depth experience in the delivery of services

Software Development for Agriculture

Development and launch of our own digital tools to improve efficiency of agricultural production

Development of tailor-made software according to clients’ needs

Neksigol Navovar team has extensive experience with a wide variety of programming languages, networking technologies, platforms, and tools
Agricultural Products Trade
Consolidating products of small farmers for supply to agricultural processing enterprises, wholesale companies, exporters and importers

Support of smallholder farmers and processing enterprises on introduction of organic production standards and other food quality and safety standards

Our national network of smallholder farmers provides organic and conventional agri-products straight from the field

The Neksigol team supported Ecolog Int. adjust their supply chain of fresh fruits and vegetables from producers of Tajikistan for their clients in Afghanistan; Shanghai FTE supply fresh sweet cherries from Tajik orchards to the China markets; the farmer cooperatives Eden Fruits on establishing the supply chain for organic dried apricots to the importers of fair trade products in Germany
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