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Bai Tushum “Marketplace”

E-marketplace platform for Bai Tushum Bank of Kyrgyzstan is a tool for B2B and B2C interaction, jointly developed by Bai Tushum Bank, AgroInformAsia from Kyrgyzstan and Neksigol Navovar from Tajikistan. It helps to grove number of customers of the bank and attracts new and prospective customers by offering useful information for their business and access to financial services. The platform helps to strengthen business networks by uniting small and medium-sized enterprises, which can be either producers or consumers of goods and services of each other. Working as an online market for small and medium businesses, the Platform will allow them to sell or buy their products much faster and easier. The platform also offers online financial services of the Bank, such as bank guarantees, electronic payments and registration of loan applications. Thus, the Platform also serves as a business development tool for the Bai Tushum Bank.

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• Electronic trade platform
• Finance platform - financial services of Bai Tushum Bank
• Electronic Library - electronic materials for downloading
• Information - company database group by category and services
• Learning - platform for organizing online webinars