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Mobile apps for Cattle Breeders

The Mobile apps for Cattle Breeders consist of two apps: the first app guides through cattle care and breeding process and the second app helps improve methods applied in growing 8 species of fodder crops.

Type Digital Solution
Organization Neksigol Group (Neksigol Navovar is responsible for software development and Neksigol Mushovir is for technical backstopping on the agronomic part) and AgroInformAsia LTD
Organization Type Consortium of partners
Country / Territory Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan
Location Khujand, Bishkek
Implemented in Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan
Use case Capacity development and empowerment; Agricultural extension and advisory services;
Domain Livestock, animal health and production
Description The Mobile apps for Cattle Breeders consist of two apps: the first app guides through cattle care and breeding process and the second app helps improve methods applied in growing 8 species of fodder crops.
There are two versions of the app for guiding cattle care - the version for farmers and for veterinarians. The app version for farmers provides information about feed and feeding, stalls for maintenance, breeding and diseases. The version for the vet has the function of making and storing photos and captions for them.
The app for helping in growing fodder crops provides information about seeds, soil quality and fertility, nutrient management, existing diseases and pests in the region, different ways of pest and disease control, weed management, including biological control and focusing on environmentally friendly farming.
Both apps allow direct connection with agri-input suppliers, veterinary services and pharmacies.
Since 2017
Maturity Proven (Scale-up)
In partnership No
Technology Mobile application
Technology description The Mobile apps for Cattle Breeders are developed by Neksigol in-house engineering team in collaboration with AgroInformAsia technical experts. They are available for smartphones and tablets with the Android operating system in several languages, Kyrgyz, Russian and English. Switching between the languages is possible in offline mode. AgroInformAsia has worked with Kyrgyz experienced veterinarians and used the gained knowledge and experience to create content for the apps. A simple transition is introduced from the app version for the farmers to the version for the veterinarians.
Users Smallholder farms; Medium-size farms; Private sector (other businesses); Veterinarians
Users’ description The target users of the mobile apps are mainly farmers and veterinarians. The apps have the potential for wide outreach, first of all, across Central Asian countries as they are available in the Russian language as well as in other countries around the world because they are translated into the English language as well.
Business model Fully free; Advertising
Business model description The app is free to download and use on personal devices through Google Play Store or the app's website. Although, two types of in-app advertising are implemented in the apps, that is Google Ads and its own module for displaying ads about seeds, crop protection products, fertilizers etc. from specific advertisers. The costs are 10$/monthly or 50$/yearly.
Challenges The mobile apps are not yet translated into the Tajik language and are used by only farmers/veterinarians speaking the Russian language, thus limiting its spreading in the country. Also, the app needs to be extended with information about new pests and diseases and improved methods of their control and crop protection. Besides, regular updating of the app content is required with scientifically validated and accessible knowledge about good agronomic practices.
Food Value Chain stage Production
Impact The Mobile apps for Cattle Breeders support farmers in making efficient and sustainable production decisions and thus can contribute to improving livestock and farm productivity, animal feeding, animal health and welfare, in a sustainable way.
The mobile apps have, so far, more than 15 000 downloads.
SDGs SDG 1: No poverty; SDG 2: Zero Hunger; SDG 8: Decent work and economic growth; SDG 9: Industry, innovation, and infrastructure
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